Residential building

                            “B BLOCK”


The facility is located in the Bay of Kotor in a very quiet fishing village Bijela, Herceg Novi municipality (12km from Herceg Novi, 2km from Kamenar-ferry, 20km from Kotor, Tivat airport is about 12 kilometers away, ie via ferry 30min). White is mostly family-friendly. There are several hotels, many private apartments for rent, several restaurants, cafes, taverns, pharmacies, bakeries, shops, gas station, car wash, health facility, market, primary school, kindergarten. The distance to the sea is about 100 m. The beaches in Bijela are the most diverse (gravel, stone, fine gravel, coarse sand, sand, concrete) and there are many. Entrance to all beaches is free, including hotels. The water is clean and the high quality category was analyzed. The entrance to the water is gradual, except for concrete, so it is suitable for children. There are no jellyfish, no hedgehogs, no sharp underwater rocks, no big waves, so you can carefree and enjoy the sea water.


The project of the residential building “B BLOK” includes four above-ground floors (ground floor and three floors), one underground, basement floor intended for vehicle garage. The garage space is dedicated to eleven cars and has an elevator. Housing is planned on the upper floors. The ground floor and all three floors include three residential units, of which there are two one-bedroom and one two-bedroom housing unit on each floor. The roof of the building is sloping four-pitched, with a roof pitch of 15 degrees. The paths and sidewalks in front of the ground floor are paved with flat-cut stone slabs, rectangular in shape – Bilec marble. Other free areas on the plot are greened and planted with several types of Mediterranean vegetation. Pedestrian access to the main entrance to the ground floor of the building is via a gentle ramp, in a way to meet the needs of persons with reduced mobility.

                            Example – III floor apartment plan


As in all previous projects of the company, during the construction, high quality materials and modern seismic protection technologies are used. A special advantage in the project of the residential building “B BLOK”, we must emphasize, is energy savings, using modern technologies and heating and cooling. All apartments will have Norwegian radiators and air conditioners (parapet and wall). We also give great preference to the choice of location, which is only 100m from the sea. One of the important advantages is that each apartment has a sea view.


– The basic structural assembly of the building is a reinforced concrete skeleton of pillars and reinforced concrete beams in both directions, and reinforced concrete slabs according to the principle of a floating slab. Foundation of the building – on the foundation reinforced concrete slab d = 40cm connected by reinforced concrete foundation beams according to the basic structural rasters. Reinforced concrete feet are made under the supporting pillars. The outer walls of the building are made of brick blocks – 25 cm thick. Partition walls are made of brick partition blocks dim 10/19 / 25cm, d = 10cm, with horizontal cerclas 15 cm high, at the height of the lintel. All reinforced concrete structure in the building is properly reinforced according to the requirements of the IX seismic zone.
– Ceiling and roof construction are monolithic reinforced concrete slabs d = 20cm.
– The roof is sloping four-pitched with roof visions. The roof planes are at an angle of 15 degrees, covered with white roof thermal insulation panels.
– The internal staircase is three-legged, in reinforced concrete construction, as well as the elevator shaft.
– Cantilever balcony panels are solid monolithic reinforced concrete, d = 20cm.


The building has installations of electricity (weak and strong electricity), water and sewage, and mechanical installations of the elevator plant and garage ventilation. Also, the facility is technically secured with video surveillance (8 cameras).


– The floors of all rooms are finished with granite ceramic tiles for easier maintenance. The exceptions are the bedrooms in the two-bedroom apartments, which are finished with bamboo parquet.
– The interior walls are plastered with lime mortar, and the walls in the bathrooms and kitchen with cement mortar.
– The walls in the bathrooms and kitchen are covered with ceramic tiles – kitchens up to a height of 1.50 m, and bathrooms up to the height of the ceiling.
– Ceilings are also plastered with cement mortar. After plastering, the walls are treated with quality water-repellent fast paints (JUPOL), as well as partly with Venetian painting techniques.
– Exterior walls are finished with styrofoam d = 5cm (DEMIT facade).
– Demit facade with the necessary fittings made of aluminum profiles, finished with acrylic plaster, with granulation of H ° 2 aggregate in white and without color.
– Facade elements treated according to the regulation “BI”, which provides for a 100% adhesive coating, coating on the board and fixing with steel anchors in the number of 5 pcs / m2.
– The facade is finished with silicone-silicate BAVALITE white and off-white (ROFIX), as well as ALUBOND coatings in dark gray (ground floor and part of the northern facade).
– Other smooth concrete façade surfaces are finished with FASADEX in white color.
– Some parts of the facade on the third floor are lined with stone slabs of Danilovgrad bunje d = 5cm.
– The interior carpentry in the building is of high quality, made of MDF, finished with white polyurethane varnish, with decorative footer stocks and rounded decorative moldings.
– External openings are made of industrial aluminum plasticized profiles with polyamide strip thermal break (anthracite gray plastic coating color). The glazing of the façade openings is a two-layer SUNGUARD thermal insulation package with 6 + 16 + 6 glass, with the obligatory low-emission glass. The façade openings on the above-ground floors have hidden aluminum shutters.
– Thresholds and window sills are made of marble. Window sills must be profiled on the outside, like drips. The pallets around the façade openings are made of white, smooth marble slabs d = 3 cm.
– Vertical gutters are planned from plasticized galvanized, dim12 / 12cm, white. Horizontal gutters are made of reinforced concrete, with a layer of falling concrete on the bottom, and obligatorily lined with plasticized plastic. and with aluminum handrails.


– In construction, it is possible to change the interior design and design according to the individual wishes of the customer.

– At the customer’s request, we can also equip the apartment or business space with furniture and all other necessary things.

– We offer for sale luxury apartments of various sizes, the price of which includes one parking space in the underground garage or in the yard.

– Additional garage space is sold separately, the price under construction is 10,000 euros.